A Novel Approach: Alumna Publishes Second Thriller



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An article written in Spring of 2010 about legal expert and novelist Julie Compton and her second book, Rescuing Olivia.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.58.38 PMJulie Compton, AB ’85, JD ’88, has successfully mixed her legal background with her love of writing to become a published author of two psychological thrillers— with a third one on the way. Compton’s second novel, Rescuing Olivia, was released in February to enthusiastic reviews. Set in her current state of residence, Florida, the book centers on Anders Erickson, a man who is told that the love of his life, Olivia, has died in a motorcycle accident. He then discovers that he was deceived and that she had been stolen away from him. The story encompasses his quest to find her by sifting through the life she left behind. What Anders finds is a tapestry of lies, conspiracies, and hidden violence as he strives to save her life, and, consequently, his own.

Read the full article here: [link]


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